SEO Competitor Analysis Tips

In search engine optimization, competition analysis is an important section. If some potential keywords are identified after completing a keyword research and analysis process, potential competitors are also recorded so that their strategies, web presence volume can be separately analyzed; both in reputation wise and content wise. Below you will find some useful tips for identifying the power of competitors.

Visibility Audit & Analysis

Analyze the visibility of your competitors. Find how many pages of your competitor’s website are listed in Google. You can get a better idea on developing publishing strategy like how much visibility you need to achieve for your website. Finding most powerful pages of your competitor and analyzing its influence are useful part in competitor analysis. After all it is always important to keep a close watch on the competitor’s strategy.

Go for a Trust Authority Analysis

Check the level of authority achieved by your competitors. Some sort of analysis connected with power of trust and its contributing factors can generate some informative paths for your SEO strategy developments. Competitors might have more page rank or other trusting factors concerned with authority. Once you have identified the level of authority and trust achieved by your major competitors, you can try to develop SEO strategies to achieve the same level of powers or even more.

Reputation or Back link Analysis

Back links are quite important in SEO mechanism and it is always advisable to adopt natural link building tactics for a website. The quality of back links thus achieved can generate and improve search engine listings. Search engines like Google analyzes the point links to your site from other websites and at the same time, the quality and other factors connected with pointing websites will also be analyzed.

Domain features Analysis

Analyze the domain features such as age of your competitor’s website. Other qualifying and trustworthy features like certification, time period for which the domain name is registered, comparative features like keyword matching with domain names etc. also come under domain feature analysis.

Social Signals Analysis

Make a thorough analysis on the social signals achieved by your competing websites. Make a thorough listing of various facts like how many likes you propaganda is gaining through social network websites like Facebook and Twitter. By analyzing the social media popularity and signals achieved by your competitor’s websites, you can develop a manageable social media promotional activity for your website.

How to simply analyze the social media signals of your competitors

Find your competitors simply by conducting a search in Google for the keyword you are looking to rank. And prepare the list of your competing websites. Use tools like open site explorer to find the number of Facebook likes, tweets, Google plus achieved by your competitors. Prepare a social media strategy for your website and develop its activities such as social media profile creation, profile optimization, profile authority building, regular social media posting etc.

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