SEO Optimization Techniques and Tips for Websites

Optimization of  Website Using SEO

We need to understand some basic ways that should follow to maintain search engine optimization. For a Search engine optimization content writing is must. The person who have better in content writing will be able to optimize the work. Some of the ways that would help to optimize a website using SEO are, SEO Onpage optimization & offpage optimization.

SEO Title Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSEO title is the most important portion connection with identity of a website. Using most important and relevant keywords at the beginning portion of SEO title can bring better results in organic visibility. Even the maximum number of characters limit is 70, using only upto 55 to 60 characters can make the SEO title fully readable in search results. Because Google can only show a SEO title with 512 pixel width in their search results. Modifying the SEO title with better keywords and coining as a meaningful description is advisable.

Meta Description

The range of characters that should seen on meta Description is 160. But for more optimization 154-155 characters is good. Meta Description must includes the keyword. If it exceeds the range it might have display dotted symbol, which is break in the sentence. So the users will not brings attention of users.

Heading – Head Tags (h1 – h7)

In order to give heading we need to focus on the keywords. While giving H1,H2, and so on try to get match with main heading that includes the focus keyword. H1 & H2 are most important and visible body copy text portions. Adding related keywords and long tail keywords in h3 & h4 can also help increase search search engine visibility for website pages.

Image Optimization

Search Engine Optimization TipsTry to give image pixel width upto 512. We should optimize image with their pixel width. If the image size increase the loading time to open the website will be more. So it will distract the users. While giving image the users have to be attracting to it. The image should be related to the content.

Hyper Text or Anchor Text Optimization

The use of Hypertext has a great role in search engine optimization. We need to give links to a authorized sites will give more rank. When we give link from a low page ranked sites, then our sites rank will also reduce. Try to give links to more page ranked websites.

Keyword Density

Keyword density means use of keyword in our content. It is more useful to give keywords to the starting of the paragraph. We need to give words according to the length of our content. If we add more keyword to the content, it will leads to keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is an unethical criteria in search engine optimization. If it happens the site may permanently or temporarily removed from search engines.

Words count in content

We need  to give more than 300 words to the content. It should give a more quantity to the content. We need to use bold or italic to get some fastest view for users. The content should be matching with our heading. Quantity and quality should need for the content.

Easiness in Reading

For better user response we need to give content in a user friendly manner. Otherwise they may feel difficulty in reading and understanding the website. Try to use simple grammatical sentence, it feels the readers to continue reading in our page.



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