How to Improve Search Engine Ranking on Google

Search Engine Ranking On Google

We have to use so many methods to improve search engine ranking on google. Google uses variety of methods to find out which page displayed in the search engines search results. Page rank is the rank provided by Google to quality webpage or website. The range of page rank configured from the range 1-10.If page rank is much more better you are to appear top of the search results and through this get more visibility and also get more organic traffic. These results you will make more money.
In addition to organic traffic there is some more traffic
•     Pay Per Click Traffic through pay money
•    Referred Traffic
•    Direct Traffic

Way to Improving  Search Engine Ranking On Google

•    Publish relevant and high quality content and this content will useful as well as easily understandable to users. If the content will useful to users they will share to others. And will get more users. Content is the king in the website. So the content makes always attracts to users. It makes sites authority and
•    Page Title is another factor of site positioning in Google search results. We should make sure that the title contains less than 80 characters. Title contains most searching keywords that makes better for site. Always think how the researchers might search for a particular page so those ways we make keywords as suit.
•    Meta Description contains the description about your topic.Make sure the most searching keyword contains in the description.character limit of meta description is 160.but most website uses the character limit 154-155 for good.
•    Back link means incoming links to our webpage. When we gets back links from highly reputed sites it will also improve our sites authority, trust and rank of the webpage. If we get back links from very low page rank sites it will affects our page rank also. Google serves page rank based on number and quality of back link.
•    Use alt tags to contained images and videos. These tags always describes those videos and images
•    Update contents frequently is the best indicator of relevancy. If we updates our content will visited by fresh adding a new page day by day and adding more images and videos related to it.
•    The important text in the content should be bold or italic. It will noticed easily by viewers. And also gives hypertext on a particular keyword.
•    Social media networks like twitter, Face book, Reddit, google plus, LinkedIn is easily help to promote our sites. So it affects the ranking also. Through social Medias so many peoples can see and contacts us if they are interested in our sites. This means great traffic occurring in social media sites in seconds. Social Medias integrated to human life.
•    Keyword Density is the one of the thing Google looks .keyword density related to content density .always make sure that keyword doesn’t repeating. If the keyword is repeating more times there is duplication of keyword occur.


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