Secure Payment Software Solutions From Softloom IT Solutions

Secure Payment Software Solutions

Softloom IT Solutions is one of the best IT solutions in Kerala, India. we are doing many services like web application development, Marketing, and promotion for sites etc.  In the Web application development services, we have created a new application for customer needs. We are secure each application and secure each data for customer satisfaction.The payment services are also provided with a customer that we mainly choose different types of payment through online are mainly card payments, Netbanking, E-payments etc. and online payment Gateway Systems are Paypal, Amazon payments,, CCAvenue etc.

Now people mostly used online shopping or e-payment system because it is so easy and easily get in a home without any wastage of time. Hence in this process sites taken customer details and save data in the database. So it must be credential and does not out the details anywhere. Here Softloom will be created applications corresponding to the customer requirements. It is highly confidential to save data and we will make it more secure your payments. So Softloom IT Solution is a best Secure Payment Software Solutions in Kerala, India.


Online Shopping Site Development Company Kochi – Softloom IT Solutions

Now you may have an office or shop, All your business activities will be distributed supervised to customers. Every year, online shopping year seems to be a convenient way to buy products, where you can buy them in anywhere and anytime. Online shopping will expand your business from local to global. If you need an online shopping site contact Softloom IT Solutions, Which is the best Online Shopping Site Development Company Koch. Online Shopping will increase your customers and increase your profits.

online shopping site development company kochi


Features included in online shopping site

  • Custom, Creative Designs
  • Ease Of Use
  • Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Special Offers
  • Related Items
  • Security Features
  • Detailed Shipping Information

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Facebook- Best Social Media Marketing Platform in the World

Facebook- Best Social Media Marketing Platform in the World

Facebook is the one of the most popular and trending social media and it is used by everyone irrespective of their age,economic background,etc. It has just reached about 2.07 billion monthly active users and no doubt it claims to be the world’s best social media marketing platform. It offers its users both a platform for communication and promotion. People has started using it for enhancing their brands and business.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook doesn’t restrict for creating a platform for their merely social connections. Using facebook, Business promotions are enhanced as it offers a wide variety of options which gives a visual treat to the users and attracts the users to atleast try a product or peep into its details. It gives the chance to the users to know detailed description of the products and brands without visiting the stores. Social media marketing is very useful and facebook is the most popular and best social media marketing platform among all the other options. Here are 3 check list we have to be considered when using Facebook for social media marketing. Those are KISS(Keep It Simple and Social), Visual appeal goes a long way and Analyze & Internalize. These checklist will help you to use Facebook as the best social media marketing platform for your brand and business promotion.


Facebook Marketing Company – Softloom IT Solution

Facebook Marketing Company In Kerala

facebook marketing companySoftloom IT Solution is a best effective Facebook Marketing company in Kochi, Kerala. We are doing Facebook promotion and advertising, Ads management, fan page marketing, widget development, Facebook marketing and make genuine fan followers. We will do all work with customer requirements and satisfy all your dreams by using Facebook marketing.  facebook marketing

Nowadays millions of people daily using social media. In that, most of them are addicted to facebook.  So we have a large marketing strategy will open using Facebook. We can promote a business using Facebook marketing company in our location they will satisfy all your requirements. On a single click, the world is with us.

Promote your product or business with us, we will satisfy your dreams.

What Is Content Marketing

Informative content is the heart and soul of marketing

Every business is giving less priority to traditional marketing, since it costs high for the businesses and does not assure fruitful results. As a forward thinking company, you need to come up with latest marketing strategies. One such strategy is content marketing.content marketing

In content marketing, the businesses are creating informative and valuable content about their company’s products and services to attract and motivate the customers to buy their products and avail the services.

Through content, you are providing solutions to the problems that are encountered by the customers in their daily lives. The potential audience reading the content will land on your website to know more about the products and eventually take a desired action of buying the product.

Content marketing is used by many popular brands

A plethora of studies has found that content marketing is used by many popular brands to promote their business in the virtual world. Many prominent companies including P & G, Microsoft, Cisco, and John Deere are using content to advertise about their product/services and to reach their target audience. In fact, the businesses that are in the nascent stage are also using content marketing as a marketing tool, since it is reaping miraculous results.

Content marketing is the best way to gain new customers and retain the existing ones

Three reasons that are compelling the businesses to use content marketing include

  • Improved sales figure
  • Save costs on marketing
  • Gain loyal customer for the business

Content is King as always

You need to know the significance of content marketing before using this marketing tactics to promote your brand. Content marketing is used by the companies to sell the products only after telling the features and benefits of the product. Many companies are sending information to the customers through newsletters, but most of the time the information is not really worth it to read and share. Today, content marketing is used by many businesses to compose thousands of messages per day and send to the target audience.

It is impossible to market without informative content

Irrespective of the marketing strategies you use to create awareness about your brand, you should never overlook to use content marketing. Informative and valuable content is important in all types of marketing strategies

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): Prior to preparing a strategy for social media, you need to have an effective content marketing strategy in place.
  • SEO: Search engines will rank the website that has valuable content in the first page of Google search results.
  • PR: The PR campaigns will post the content related to the issues that the customers are facing rather than in business perspective
  • PPC: To make the PPC ad successful, you need to have crisp and informative content
  • Inbound marketing: Content is crucial to boost traffic and sales to the business
  • Content Strategy: It is imperative for you to have a strategy for your content marketing

If your customers are looking forward to receive blog posts or any interesting articles from you, then you need to make sure that the content is presented in a structured format to let them glue to the post for some time. The interesting content will compel the readers to share it with their friends and acquaintances.

If you really want to make your content marketing strategy more powerful, then here are a few ways you can embrace

  • You need to read the content marketing guide written by experts prior to preparing a content marketing plan
  • You need to go through the Content Marketing Framework to build an effective content marketing program
  • You need to subscribe to magazines to get updates on the latest content marketing trends
  • You can also consult the expert content marketing strategist to get valuable advices on ways to overcome the challenges in content marketing

If you have any queries pertained to content marketing, please do reach us. We are here to answer all your queries.


The Five Important Content Marketing Trends of 2017

content marketing trends 2017


Content marketing has became a newly changing factor in the area of marketing. It will create your brand as an authority and is suited for internet generation. Also Quality contents improve traffic to your website. If your content is rated by Google, then there is a chance of being at highest position in search engine results.

As the users are changing the way they are interacting with web, Content marketing trends are rapidly changing day by day. This helps the brand to get more exposure in search results. Content marketing carry-on to grow its popularity among online marketing and business and many are making their financial plan for next year. For getting maximum exposure in search result there are 5 important ways.

They are given in link below:

Source: The Five Important Content Marketing Trends of 2017

Best Content Marketing Strategies 2017 | SoftLoom IT Solutions

Source: Best Content Marketing Strategies 2017 | SoftLoom IT Solutions

best content marketing strategies 2017

Content marketing is a technique of marketing which is focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for the targeted audience. When businesses pursue content marketing, the main focus should be the needs of the  customer. In this post, the importance of content marketing plan for the business is discussed. The steps need to follow to create the best marketing strategy that fits in your business goals is also provided.