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digital marketing company IndiaAs a digital marketing company India we offer services by which your business can benefit in many ways. To acquire a good business it is best to have good brand recognition, brand loyalty is also achieved through digital media plan. Digital media marketing also helps in conversion rate through social media marketing. Our services become more effective with reduced costs, increase in inbound traffic and better ranking in search engines. From global presence to a long list of impressive services and portfolio, we dominate in the digital marketing services in the Indian market. We work with clients to identify business opportunities and design the products and services to meet them. We are always ready to provide industry-specific services, feel free to contact us.


Facebook- Best Social Media Marketing Platform in the World

Facebook- Best Social Media Marketing Platform in the World

Facebook is the one of the most popular and trending social media and it is used by everyone irrespective of their age,economic background,etc. It has just reached about 2.07 billion monthly active users and no doubt it claims to be the world’s best social media marketing platform. It offers its users both a platform for communication and promotion. People has started using it for enhancing their brands and business.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook doesn’t restrict for creating a platform for their merely social connections. Using facebook, Business promotions are enhanced as it offers a wide variety of options which gives a visual treat to the users and attracts the users to atleast try a product or peep into its details. It gives the chance to the users to know detailed description of the products and brands without visiting the stores. Social media marketing is very useful and facebook is the most popular and best social media marketing platform among all the other options. Here are 3 check list we have to be considered when using Facebook for social media marketing. Those are KISS(Keep It Simple and Social), Visual appeal goes a long way and Analyze & Internalize. These checklist will help you to use Facebook as the best social media marketing platform for your brand and business promotion.


Facebook Marketing Company – Softloom IT Solution

Facebook Marketing Company In Kerala

facebook marketing companySoftloom IT Solution is a best effective Facebook Marketing company in Kochi, Kerala. We are doing Facebook promotion and advertising, Ads management, fan page marketing, widget development, Facebook marketing and make genuine fan followers. We will do all work with customer requirements and satisfy all your dreams by using Facebook marketing.  facebook marketing

Nowadays millions of people daily using social media. In that, most of them are addicted to facebook.  So we have a large marketing strategy will open using Facebook. We can promote a business using Facebook marketing company in our location they will satisfy all your requirements. On a single click, the world is with us.

Promote your product or business with us, we will satisfy your dreams.

Soft Loom IT Solutions | Web Development, Designing, Marketing SEO

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Soft Loom it solutions are well known it solutions in Cochin. By the support of more than 500 websites you can  understands that we are experts in internet marketing industry. By adding creative pages and useful websites added for search engine optimization helps you higher in ranking. With the mind of a user we deliver and optimize the website with contents it will stay the user on the page rather than scrolling down.


Soft Loom IT Solutions | Web Development, Designing, Marketing SEO

Tips & Guidelines On Facebook Ad Image Size – Social Media Marketing

facebook image sizes

In this technical era, facebook has a biggest impact on social media. It holds an important platform for advertisement. Facebook images have an influential role in the area of advertisement. Not only the image, but the image size is also a crucial factor in the facebook ads. This post is about tips and guidelines on the facebook ad image sizes. The size suggested for the profile picture is 180 X 180 pixels and for the cover photo will be 850 X 315 pixels. The image sizes will vary with the facebook ads you are creating.

Source: Facebook Ad Image Size – Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ad Image Size – Social Media Marketing

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Advertising agencies are now spending their hectic time and money to the social media.  And the very crucial factor is that social media,  especially ” Facebook ” has become something that almost everyone knows of.  Obviously facebook without images or videos will be ineffectual. Now-a-days attractive and trending feature of facebook is image. So, the major focus in facebook based marketing is best image size to your facebook ads. Facebook ad image size is different  in various places such as profile picture, cover picture etc. The recommended size for the profile picture is  180 X 180 pixels and for the cover photo will be 851 X 315 pixels.

Source: Facebook Ad Image Size – Social Media Marketing

SoftLoom – Search Engine Marketing Agency Kochi for Small and Medium Sized Business


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Source: SoftLoom – Search Engine Marketing Agency Kochi for Small and Medium Sized Business

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a quickly growing field with lots of opportunities, but it takes expertise and experience to execute strong interactive value added advertising campaigns. When taking part in SoftLoom search engine marketing services, for example, paid search, display media, social networking advertising and remarketing, it’s critical that your endeavors are supported by our knowledge and strategy. Here in SoftLoom, our SEM specialists give the right deals for small and medium sized business which you can use to enhance your campaigns and your ROI with affordable price.

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